10 Must-Have Motorcycle Repair Tasks That Every Rider Should Know

What you exactly do when facing an unexpected breakdown of your motorcycle? Of course, you check the bike with an automobile expert and perform the necessary repair work to once again ride your motorcycle with ease and comfort. Sometimes, you buy bike spare parts online along with accessories to fix up the necessary repair and do the replacement with the help of an expert.

But what we tell you is that, some simple repair or bike maintenance tasks can be done by you in a hassle-free manner. All you need is the knowledge and a little skill work to do the necessary repair work on your motorcycle and save a great deal of money.

So, here in this blog, we will be sharing useful bike repair tips that you should be aware of and know how to perform the same. Simply consider this blog as a useful guide for your convenience to fix simple broken parts and even follow important maintenance tips to ensure a hassle-free riding experience ahead.

Let’s get started on the same.

10 basic motorcycle repair or maintenance tips that you must follow.

1. Fill up & take care of the bike wheels

One of the most important parts of your motorcycle is definitely the wheels. The wheels ensure a safe riding experience, no matter, how much distance you cover in a day. It has been observed that every motorcycle’s wheels require complete replacement after every five years. So, the first bike wheels maintenance tip that you can follow is changing the tires completely.

The other set of motorcycle wheels maintenance tips that you must follow includes the following set of things.

  • You can see the cracks or holes in tires on a regular basis.
  • Fill up the air while starting your ride.
  • Do check the air pressure when at home.
  • Change the tire’s valve and inner tubes.
  • Check for any bruises.
  • Inspect the condition rim and do the necessary repair work.

It’s simple to follow the above-mentioned that helps you maintain the overall condition of motorcycle wheels in a hassle-free manner.

2. Change the motorcycle oil at times

As you already know the fact that engine oil is an essential part of the motorcycle. Adequate addition of oil in the engine helps lubricate the parts and assure the optimum level of the bike’s performance. Therefore, it is important to replace the old oil with a new one after riding your bike for a few kilometers.

When it comes to changing the motorcycle engine oil, it’s not that sort of a difficult task. By having simple tools and easy-to-follow steps, you can first get rid of the existing engine oil and fill up the new one with ease and comfort. So, depending on the model and manufacturing of your motorcycle, you can lay your hands on the ideal engine oil and change the same with ease.

3. Add necessary fluids without expert assistance

Not just the engine oil, the bike functions effectively with the help of necessary fluids inside. For instance, your bike features a coolant that helps cool off the engine while riding. Another set of fluids you require is brake oil, gear oil, and more. Although, changing fluids requires the professional assistance of a mechanic. But you can at least buy high-quality and variant matching oils for your motorcycle. Concerning the same, you can start doing research on the following things.

  • What is the role of coolant in your motorcycle?
  • What types of brake and gear oils are available in the marketplace?
  • Which brand of oils are perfect for your bike?
  • How does the fluid replacement have a minimum cost?
  • From where to buy genuine quality motorcycle fluids?

As part of motorcycle maintenance, research is also an integral part that you can perform in a hassle-free manner.

4. Clean the air filter on your own

An air filter is another important component of a bike that requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Although, you can allow professional mechanics to clean the air filter while servicing the bike. There is also a provision to clean the part on your own. All you have to do is open the side panel of your motorcycle, take out the air filter, blow air into it to get dust, and further clean the same before installing.

5. Change the spark plug when required

A spark plug is another crucial component of a bike’s engine. It provides the necessary electric current to the motorcycle for letting the engine start well on time. After riding the bike for several kilometers, the spark plug might get entangled with a greasy substance or grime.

As a result of this, you might face starting issues unexpectedly. To deal with the issue, you can take out the spark plug carefully and clean the same by using a thin metallic wire. Not only this, you can pour some petrol on the spark plug and let it dry for a while, before installing. Doing this will help you easily clean the electric component and that too without spending much.

6. Add on a simple set of accessories

You might know the fact that accessories play a vital role in making your ride all the more comfortable and stylish. It is convenient to buy online bike accessories as per your preference and add some of them on your own. For instance, you can buy new stylish rear-view mirrors, a front

visor, a bungee net for the seat, a tank bag, or even a saddle for enhancing your riding condition. All these accessories are simple to find online and you can easily add the same on your ride.

Just make sure to keep the model and manufacturing of your motorcycle in mind, before laying hands on accessories. Moreover, carefully research the accessories before buying the same and adding them to your bike.

7. Check for the battery power & change it

One of the simplest bike maintenance tips to follow is taking care of the battery power. The motorcycle battery is responsible for providing positive charge to the electricals like the headlight, horn, self-start, taillight, parking light, and indicators. It helps in charging up the electrical components of your motorcycle that further assist in giving signals to fellow people on the road.

Just like any other spare part of the motorcycle, the battery too has its own shelf life. And you ought to change the battery after every three years. If not, then at least charge or repair the battery, if you find the following signs.

  • Rust accumulated on the battery.
  • Unable to switch on the electricals.
  • Self-start not working due to the battery issue.
  • The fuse not working as per the expectation

In any case, you will get to know the problem associated with the battery and fix the same with ease.

8. Add oil to the bike’s chain system

An easy way to ensure the motorcycle chain system works efficiently is by adding the required oil to it at regular intervals. Especially, during the rainy season, the chain system might get dry up and create unexpected sounds. Not only this, the entire chain system might break down and your ride comes to a halt. To avoid the situation, you must add oil to the chain on an occasional basis and let the wheels move seamlessly ahead with ease.

9. Check and tighten the brakes

Maintaining the condition of your motorcycle brakes is not a herculean task. You can check the performance of the brakes while riding. With specific to tightening the brakes, use simple tools to do the same. As far as, the complete replacement of brake pads, lever, and wire, seek the assistance of a mechanic.

On your part, you can at least check for any brake wire crack, lever condition, or even leak. By following these days, ensure a complete safe riding experience.

10. Wash & deeply clean the motorcycle

Last but not least, cleaning and washing your motorcycle every week is simple, affordable, and a hassle-free task. You can wash and deep clean the bike at home by using simple products like a liquid cleaning agent, sponge, water, and microfibre cloth. Many riders prefer to clean the motorcycle on their own and get rid of the stuck grime and dirt.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the appearance and performance of your motorcycle is no longer a hassle for you. Simply, follow self-maintenance tips and ride to experience seamless riding pleasure ahead. In the case of having Hero Motorcycle, buy and replace genuine spare parts along with accessories, after buying at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. This digital platform offers high-quality parts and accessories for Hero bikes and scooters

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