5 Useful Tips & Tricks To Sell Your Used Motorcycle

A majority of motorcycle owners at some point in time, think about selling their existing two-wheeler and look forward to buying a new one. This condition arises when your current bike is too old to ride daily within the city limits, demanding exceeded maintenance costs, poor mileage, and more.

No matter the reason, if you have decided to sell a bike online owing to digital comfort and innumerable choices, then you must know a few things in advance. There are some considerations that you need to keep in mind when selling your existing motorcycle to a reliable choice buyer.

Here in this blog, we will take you through six essential tips or things to keep in mind when deciding to sell your used bike online at its best.

1. How much price is good to ask for?

The first thing you need to consider is how much price to ask from an interested buyer. You should think twice before deciding the selling price of your used motorcycle. The best way is to do bike valuation online at the Wheels of Trust (WOT) platform to know its real-time market value. It gives you an idea of how much to demand from buyers and accordingly sell the bike with ease. Moreover, you must compare the reselling price of your existing two-wheeler based on its model, year of manufacturing, and other features on several additional platforms.

2. What things are required to sell your used motorcycle?

An integral thing you require at the time of selling a used motorcycle is the complete set of original documentation. To legally sell your current bike, you need to have all the papers ready with you and prepare the same well in advance.

When it comes to compiling the original quality of your used motorcycle papers, then it must include its Registration Certificate (RC), insurance document, PUC certificate, service booklet, road tax clearance papers, no objection certificate in the name of a new buyer, and other relevant papers. By doing so, you will get the right to sell your used bike legally online without facing any hassle.

3. What is the best time to sell your bike?

Another thing to consider is deciding the best time to sell your used motorcycle at an expected choice price. There might be a situation that your motorcycle is failing to perform to an expected level, because of degraded mileage, regular maintenance requirement, or anything like that. And such signs compel you to sell your second-hand two-wheeler at the earliest and buy a new one with advanced technology.

4. How to take clear pictures of a motorcycle?

The thing to consider is clicking clear pictures of your motorcycle which is necessary to showcase to an interested buyer. You must clean the bike carefully and intricately along with a deep polish to enhance its outlook to an optimum extent. After that is done, then you must take crystal clear pictures of your bike and showcase the same to a range of buyers. Moreover, you must ensure

proper daylight and an empty background to take clear photographs of the motorcycle and ensure multiple queries ahead.

5. Where to sell the old two-wheeler?

Now that you have prepared your motorcycle for the reselling purpose and are ready to showcase the same to a whole range of buyers. The next important thing to consider is the platform to sell a second-hand motorcycle in the shortest possible time. As you already know, there are multiple ways of selling the bike, through word of mouth to your nearby people, by placing online advertisements, and even seeking the assistance of a reliable two-wheeler manufacturing brand. It implies you must finalize one best way of selling the used motorcycle and stick to that only.

Final Thoughts

Selling the existing motorcycle is a strategic task that must consider a few imperative checkpoints. You follow the useful tips & tricks to sell your existing motorcycle at the right time and that too at the right price with no further delay. Also, to sell the bike at the best-expected price, get access to the platform of Wheels of Trust (WOT) without going anywhere else.

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