All Four Of These Methods were Employed A Great Deal During Google’s Rangoli Stamp Promotion.

Welcome, dear readers!! If you are looking for information on how to get a Rangoli in Google Pay or how to get a Rangoli stamp in Google Pay, then we have to say that you have arrived at the correct page. Today’s post will cover all about the Rangoli offer from Google for getting a Rangoli Stamp on Google Pay quickly and effortlessly. If you look for “successful method” on Google, you will get a five of stamp, but the vast majority of them will not work, and you would waste your precious time if you attempt to put them into effect.

What is the Rangoli stamp in Google pay:

In celebration of Diwali, users of the payment service Google Pay were encouraged to collect five distinct stickers in order to get Rs 251 and be placed into a drawing for a chance to win a prize worth Rs one lakhs. Due to the fact that people had a hard time getting their hands on every stamp, especially the “Rangoli” stamp, the plan has been extended until November.

To qualify for the prizes, the payment app launched the # StampsWaliDiwali campaign for its users, who were urged to collect five various types of stamps—including a Diya, a Jhumka, a blossom, a light, and a Rangoli—in order to be eligible. People, on the other hand, are having difficulty obtaining the Rangoli stamp. Moreover, people search on Google for the phrase “how to get rangoli in gpay,” and they also look for the phrase “how to get rangoli stamp in Google pay.”

It is explained in detail here how to get a rangoli in gpay OR how to get a rangoli stamp in Google pay ,using the methods described in this section of the post. But you’ll also need a little bit of good luck. This ruse is founded on the notion of trial and error, as described above. It is possible to try your luck and receive a free Rangoli as well as Flower Stamp on Google Pay by taking a chance on your luck. Furthermore, given it is completely free to try, there is no reason to spend too much time thinking about it.

The winner of an assured Rs.251 scratch card and the possibility to unlock a Rs. lakh extra prize can be chosen from among the following options: You can pay, scan a Diya, or give stamps. To obtain these stamps, one should scan festive items or transfer money to a friend or family member who has more than Rs. 35 in their bank account. However, collecting the entire Rangoli stamp is very difficult, and most people are unable to get the Rangoli stamp. In order to be certain that one can acquire the Rangoli on Google Pay, the following techniques and tricks are available which are used most often to get the Rangoli Stamp.

Might it be possible at that time to obtain a Rangoli Stamp with Google Pay?

Get the stamp with the use of a scanner.

The simplest tip and  method of obtaining the Rangoli is to scan a rangoli image or a genuine rangoli onto the App’s scanning interface. When used correctly, this method provides a very less chance of receiving a rangoli stamp.

  • Start the G Pay application and activate the scanner.
  • Locate a rangoli photo or a real rangoli which you made in your house, and just scan the real image of rangoli for several times on the GPay app to complete the transaction.

Obtain a stamp through the use of additional utilities bills.

The Google Pay application, which allows you to pay bills like your electric bill or TV recharge, is another option to get a rangoli stamp in exchange for your payment.

  • Unlock the G Pay and select the Bill Payment  from the menu.
  • Select an bill payment of Rs.200 or more, or a recharge of Rs.151 or more from the drop-down menu. There is an extremely high possibility of receiving a rangoli on GPay if you use this technique.

Obtain a stamp for your pizza order.

You may also acquire a Rangoli Stamp on Google Pay by just placing an order for pizza on the platform. Order and enjoy a pizza, and while you’re at it, ask for a rangoli stamp to go along with it.

  • Opening the Google Pay app and selecting the Business & Bill option will allow you to place an order for food.
  • In the food selection, look for “Oven Story Pizza” and select it by clicking on it. Order any pizza and use the coupon code “GPSTORY” to receive a flat 50% discount on their pizza order.
  • Confirm the payment with Google Pay and sit back and enjoy your pizza.You will receive a “rangoli” or “flower” stamp on Google Pay as a result of using this approach.

Get a stamp on a bus

The GPay Application now allows you to earn a stamp by ordering a red bus ticket.

  • Find Redbus under the Bus and Billing option of Google Pay. Just book bus ticket needed.
  • You might book a ticket from any city to any place for less than 50 rupees but you must choose a date after 2 week days.
  • Complete the payment using Google Pay.

This procedure on Google Pay has a 70% probability of getting a Rangoli stamp. If you don’t want  the bus ticket, there’s no problem collecting the stamp after payment. Launch Redbus. Go to My Trips and cancel the G Pay ticket. Refunds are processed within a week.


Here’s how to get a Rangoli stamp in Google Pay, and also how to get Rangoli in GPay as detailed previously. If you miss, don’t be disappointed; simply try again later. Perhaps you will be fortunate with a different strategy, but it is possible that you will not. Keep in mind that these promotions are dependent on chance and are intended to provide entertainment and audience interaction, so you shouldn’t take them seriously or be concerned about losing money.

Google Pay is also important, but if you don’t use it on a regular basis, you might want to think about whether the results of your work are worth it.

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