Top 4 Pointers to Remember While Designing Landing Page

Your landing page is the public face of your website. As a result, you must keep it simple but welcoming. In digital marketing, landing pages help to increase traffic, potential leads, SERP rankings, etc. However, brands can become confused and add everything all at once. But, the goal is to attract visitors rather than to drive them away. If you are perplexed to create a landing page, let’s dive in to know more. 

An overview of the landing page 

As the name implies, you land on the very first page of the website. It is also known as the home page. That is simple, but it is critical for websites. A landing page provides new visitors with useful website information. It also provides forms, signups, newsletters, and other services. Even it is the best practice for digital marketing services for business success.  

Moreover, these pages assist you in effectively showcasing your brand. Because your first impression lasts a long time. Furthermore, these pages are as essential for inclusion in your business websites as your products.  

Must-have features for landing pages 

Here are some key pointers to include in your landing pages. 


The unique selling point is a complete game changer for businesses. Because you should highlight what sets you apart from your competitors. Plus, it defines your brand and creates reliability. 


Adding a features section is a brownie point for the users and the business. It offers detailed answers to questions for your new visitors. Explain products and how will it benefit your customers. You can hire digital marketing services for more assistance. 


You can call it the stamp of your hard work. Showcase your client’s projects via social media content. Such as testimonials, endorsements, and Google reviews, for credibility. Your new visitors may want to know more about your work skills, and reviews can show it. 


What is your ultimate goal when visitors see your website? You want potential conversions and more purchases. So, try to keep CTA language catch yet action-driven. You can hire digital marketing services for more assistance. 

Points to consider for a user-friendly landing page 

Here are pointers to add to your landing page. 

Add the headlines 

Keeping headlines or CTAs on the landing page is a golden rule. Because it ensures that your headlines give your users what they want. And you can direct them wherever you want. Try to keep these two things in the first half of your landing page, though.

Because it allows users who have lost patience to scroll down. Furthermore, keep your important information in the first half of the site. So, for users, keep it brief and action-driven. And strategically insert SEO keywords. You can hire SEO services in India for more assistance. 

Design your CTA  

As above discussed, determine your business goal and place the CTA accordingly. Try to place multiple yet useful CTAs in the mid and lower section. What if your user wants to subscribe and signup for your website any time of scrolling? Plus, keep the appeal and theme as the priority to go well with the color. Moreover, remember to keep it interesting and not forcing. 

Make it responsive 

You never know which device your users use to view your website. Although, it is majorly mobile phones for a reason. However, try to make it more responsible for other screen sizes too. Even for B2B businesses the responsiveness works as a plus point. So, you must design as per your audience’s demands. You can hire SEO services in India for more assistance. 

Optimize your traffic  

Your landing page can attract loads of traffic. But it’s your responsibility to optimize the traffic from different sources. SEO-optimized pages may have low conversions than others. Moreover, if you use email campaigns and paid traffic try to keep it concise for the users. So, keep the user’s funnel in check and optimized. 


When you design the landing page, the above-discussed pointers will help you take the best decision. Although try to implement pointers that suit your business needs. For more consideration, consult SEO services in India for your projects. 

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